Homeowner describes new build battle with developer over 'unacceptable' level of snags

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A woman from Berkshire says she would never buy a new build home again after experiencing what she believes are an unacceptable number of issues.

Beth Coldwell put her life savings towards the £445,000 Crowthorne property, which was built by Barratt Homes.

It was supposed to be her dream house but she says the experience since moving into in November 2019 has been a nightmare.

From a front door which doesn't fit to a bathroom leak, damaged carpets and smelly drains, the whole experience has been 'very stressful' mentally, says Beth.

Barratt Homes told ITV News it's 'very sorry' for the issues and that the company is 'working hard to put them right'.

  • Watch: Beth shows us just some of the issues she's dealt with since moving into the Barratt Homes property

A leak underneath has caused the biggest issue which she discovered after noticing the carpet in the hallway was lifting.

"The carpet was up a bit and I thought that's really weird so I managed to pick it up and there was all damp underneath" says Beth.

The mould and damp is still visible with walls and skirting boards damaged by the leak.

The mould underneath Beth's bath is still visible

While repairs have been carried out around the house, Beth says in some cases this has led to further problems.

Almost two years after moving in, she says she's constantly chasing Barratt Homes to get on top of the problems.

"It's been very very stressful mentally, there has been times when I've got really upset with it all, angry, frustrated, tears and it just massively impacts you.

"It's constant...the chasing. It's very stressful, I've been crying, I find myself thinking okay I just give up.

"Do I then try and pay someone to do it? It seems crazy as I shouldn't have to do it. It's like you buy a brand new car, you expect it to be perfect, with a few little snags maybe but the experience hasn't been very good at all."

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When asked if she'd buy another new build home, Beth responded "never, never in a million years."

The whole experience has left her disheartened and disappointed.

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