Sussex gull charity Bird Aid CIO in a race against time to secure future

The 2 acre site has a hospital and 16 aviaries. Credit: Bird Aid CIO

The home of a charity from Sussex which specialises in the rehabilitation of Gulls is under threat of closure.

Bird Aid has one year to raise enough money to secure its site in Hailsham. If the facility closed, thousands of gulls every year would be abandoned and left without rescue and rehabilitation facilities.

A fundraising page has already raised for £44,000 to help save the charity.

Bird Aid is also a safe place for learning disabled adults to volunteer without being pressured to achieve results. It is run entirely by volunteers who give their time and money to ensure its survival.

Bird Aid release rehabilitated gulls back into the wild. Credit: Bird Aid

Bird Aid began in Eastbourne at the home of Julia and Ian Gould. Julia had worked with garden birds and gulls for many years and decided to set up a separate charity dedicated to gulls.

After a long search they found Hydeaway, which was perfect for the birds and would provide plenty of work for Learning-Disabled volunteers too.

After a change in circumstances the charity has established it has one year to raise enough money to secure the site and its future. If the money cannot be raised, then this centre of excellence for gulls all over Southern England will close.