'Love you Laura': Brother takes on cycling challenge in sister's memory

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Sally Simmonds

A man from Winchester is setting off on a 300 mile cycle challenge in memory of his sister.

For ten years, from the diagnosis of a brain tumour, to the day Laura Burwood died, her family had hope that research or new treatments would save the talented artist.

Her older brother Luke Burwood is taking on the cycling challenge for Cancer Research UK, to help their search for a breakthrough.

Laura Burwood with her brothers in Dorset.

Laura Burwood was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 21.

Her brother Luke said: "When all the tests were complete and we found out the type of tumour Laura had, the prognosis was ten years, which gave us a little bit of hope that there may be some kind of treatment or cure found in that time."

In the ten years that followed Laura faced surgery and radiotherapy. She carried on painting other's beloved pets, and the family stayed hopeful for a cure.

Luke said: "Towards the end of Laura's life when we realised there was no further treatment we were just devastated, we'd always thought something would come along and it never did we were just heartbroken."

So her brother Luke, along with friends from Winchester, signed up for Cancer Research UK's Cycle 300 challenge, so that someone else living in hope might be saved by a new treatment, a new cure.

"If Laura was here to see me doing this now, she'd probably to be honest she'd probably laugh at me getting dressed up in my cycling kit and having my photo taken, but seriously, I think she'd be proud of what we're doing, and raising funds to help others she'd be really pleased about I think."

Strong motivation for Luke to last the distance, the memory of his sister Laura for whom help came too late.