Women march on the 40th anniversary of the first Greenham Common protest

It's been forty years since people - mainly women - gathered at Greenham Common near Newbury for what turned into one of the largest protests in history.

The group were campaigning against nuclear warheads being stored at the former American base. They set up peace camps until the missiles were removed. 

Peace camp at Greenham Common
Peace camp from above

Last week a group of women set off on the final day of a 120 mile march - recreating the original protest from Cardiff to Greenham Common which became a peace camp for the next 19 years.

They were campaigning against missiles being stored at the American airbase because of the cold war threat from Russia.

Rebecca Mordan organised the march.

Greenham became a worldwide story with up to 70,000 people taking part in protests surrounding the base.

It came to an end after the base was closed and the land was turned back to common ground.

The commemorations are continuing today.