'Britain's busiest' speed camera in Southampton gave 'incorrect readings' over three year period

  • ITV News Meridian's Derek Johnson reports from Maybray King Way, Southampton.

Some motorists caught on a speed camera, dubbed "Britain's busiest" in Southampton, may have been fined in error.The camera on Maybray King Way is supposed to record drivers travelling more than 30mph but Hampshire Police admits that the technology involved in the recording gave some "incorrect readings". The camera is said to have caught 51,049 people driving over the limit between 2015 and 2017.

The camera on Maybray King Way. Credit: ITV News Meridian

At its peak it was triggered more than 320 times a week, possibly generating more than £5.1million in fines from drivers over three years.

Motorcyclist Bruno Aguiar says he's never had a ticket and now he's facing a court summons as the camera 48mph.

He says: "I pass here plenty of times. I'm completely aware of the speed cameras. It doesn't make sense that I've been speeding. I think they're wrong because I think the cameras are faulty."

  • Bruno Aguiar was caught by the speed camera

Drivers who were given a speeding penalty notice over this period of time may be eligible for refunds as Hampshire Police as there may be have been potential misreadings when determining how fast vehicles were passing the cameras.

Police were keen to stress that the issue wasn't with the cameras themselves but the signal the camera emits which comes back to them and that is where the misreading occurs.

Police also say they have strong processes when it comes to validating the images they get from the cameras and they go through that process before handing out a fine.