Women arrested as officer finds pram full of suspected stolen items

A woman pushing a pram has been arrested by police after they looked inside to find she was not pushing a child, but instead suspected stolen items.

It contained headphones, speakers, clothing and a variety of food, all allegedly stolen.Last week, during a routine patrol of Maidstone town centre, a PCSO became suspicious of a woman who was seen pushing a buggy, but is known to not have a child of that age.Due to no shoplifting reports being received, and no offences being observed, the information was passed on to the Maidstone Town Team.

The pram full of items discovered by police in Maidstone

However, this morning a police constable, aware of the report submitted by the PCSO, noticed a woman with a pram in Week Street, in similar circumstances.The officer approached the woman and noticed a large amount of items, from various stores, had been placed inside the pushchair.A 31-year-old woman, from Maidstone, has been arrested on suspicion of theft and taken into custody while enquiries continue.