Fancy owning James Bond's car? Scaled-down versions are going into production

Video report by ITV News Meridian's James Davies

Ejector seat, smoke screen and revolving number plates are just a few of the gadgets James Bond's legendary Aston Martin DB5 has at its disposal in the iconic film 'Goldfinger'.

Now 007's car returns in the 25th Bond adventure 'No Time To Die'.

To celebrate, fully drivable scale models of the car are being hand built at a factory in the Thames Valley for budding James Bond fans.

The idea for the Junior DB5 came from The Little Car Company's factory at Bicester Heritage.

Ben Hedley, the founder and CEO of The Little Car Company said: "We've got digital number plates, showing various licence plates he uses. We've got headlights which drop and gatling guns which come out, no real bullets, there was a bit of a health and safety issue so instead we've got LEDs and we've got a speaker replicating the noise."

The car also features a smoke machine.

The car also features a smoke machine in the back and a 'skid mode' which allows a driver to lock up the front wheels, spin the rear wheels, and then make your escape.

James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 was first driven by Sean Connery in 1964's Goldfinger.

The gadget laden car helped make agent 007 a cultural phenomenon.

Credit: EON Productions Limited

The DB5 makes its 8th appearance in the latest Bond adventure 'No Time To Die' released in cinemas on Thursday (30 September).

Simon Richardson, a Senior Electrical Engineer, said: "It was a great privilege to finally work on a Bond car.

"I've done Formula One cars, I've done hyper cars...for me this was the biggest challenge because I've done all the wiring, all the electronics and all the software as well. And getting gadgets to work, exactly like the film car is a huge challenge."

The car makes its 8th appearance in the Bond film 'No Time To Die'. Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Eon Productions

The fully electric car goes into production in February, but only 125 will be made. 

But if any James Bond Junior's want to get their hands on one of these cars they'll need to start saving their pocket money, as it comes with a price tag of £90,000.