The auntie running a marathon for charity who gave nephew 'a new lease of life'

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Sarah Gomme

While the streets of London will be packed on Sunday for the London Marathon many others will be doing the marathon virtually.

One of those is Emma-Jo Jones, who is raising money for Gatwick-based charity Neurokinex.

They have provided a lifeline to her nephew Ralf Sunderland and his mum India.

Ralph with his auntie Emma-Jo, mum India and twin brother Wilber.

Ralph suffered a spinal stroke shortly after birth, which left him paralysed from the waist down. However thanks to the charity, he is making incredible progress. 

Ralph's mum India said: "When we left Ralph's London Hospital they told us he would be a lump with no independence.

"There wasn't much hope for us so when we found out about Neurokinex it changed everything.

Ralph at Neurokinex

"They look at recovery rather than management and that's about Ralph being an independent little boy - and one day, an independent adult."

To further fund Ralph's progress his auntie Emma-Jo is about to run a virtual London marathon.

Emma-Jo said: "India has fought for Ralph and her tenacity has been amazing. She and Neurokinex have given Ralph a new lease of life".

Ralph and his twin brother Wilber will have their own important role this weekend, supplying Emma-Jo with jelly babies and moral support along her route.

India said: "It means everything to us that Emma Jo is supporting Ralph. Ralph's condition is ongoing - the therapy and support he needs is ongoing. We saw over lockdown how he lost his core control. So every treatment that he has is crucial to restore his independence."