Extinction Rebellion protesters block Farnborough Airport

Farnborough airport has been barricaded by climate activists in protest against emissions from private jets.

Extinction Rebellion activists claim to have blocked all major entrances from as early as 7am to protest against CO2 levels that private flights emit per passenger. They locked themselves to a stretch limousine, fuel barrels and a giant steel tripod in a call to cut emissions.

However, the airport in Hampshire says it has remained fully operational. 

Extinction Rebellion is also demanding the government stops private flights . They say 30,000 private flights to and from Farnborough Airport each year carry an average of just 2.3 passengers, with each passenger responsible for the emission of nine times as much carbon as an economy flight to the US and 20 times that to Spain.

Protestor Sarah Hart, 40, a sales manager and resident of Farnborough, said:“I am taking this action against the airport to highlight the damage private flying isdoing to the environment and the lack of accountability by the users who avoidpublic scrutiny. I am demanding the government act now and ban private flights.”

Research by think tank Transport and Environment, revealed that CO2 emissionsfrom private jets in Europe rose by nearly a third between 2005 and 2019 –outstripping scheduled flights.

Protesters stand in front of an entrance to the airport

It found that the biggest source of  pollution was from jets departing from the UK and France – accounting for 36% of all private flight emissions in Europe. 

Climate charity Possible recently described the private jet as representing the mostextreme end of the climate injustice that characterises air travel. It is calling for the banning of fossil-fuelled private jets at UK airports within the next five years.