Blind woman walks 90 miles with just a white cane to raise money for guide dog puppies

Siobhan walks down a street with just her white cane.

A blind woman is walking 90 miles with just her white stick to raise money for guide dog puppies.

Siobhan Meade is on her final day of the three-day walk, which will see her travel from Theale to the Guide Dogs national breeding centre in Warwickshire.

Watch: Siobhan navigates a busy street with just a satnav and her white cane.

Siobhan, who lost her sight at age 16, is dressing as a different character from dog-related movie each day - including Scooby Doo, 101 Dalmations and Paw Patrol.

She has negotiated her way along canal tow paths, busy dual carriageways and city centres, with just a satnav voice on her phone telling her which way to go.

Siobhan Said: “I’ve been a guide dog owner since 2003 and qualified with my first guide dog Liza in December of that year.

“At 21 years old it was a huge step for my confidence and independence to be able to get out and live the life I choose with Liza by my side.

“Since then I’ve had two other dogs and this is one of the main reasons I want to do this 90-mile challenge over many counties, showing that blindness doesn’t define me.

“As hard as this walk will be, both physically and mentally, it’s a small price to pay for the freedom guide dogs have given me over 18 years.”

Watch: Siobhan has been vlogging much of her journey, including when the satnav took her the wrong way.

Siobhan, who is digital marketing producer for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, is walking with her blind husband Sean, who is also using a white cane.

She has raised more than £2,200 so far towards her £5,000 target.