Former chart topping music producer in new quest to export electric London taxis

Watch: ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee reports.

In the 1970s, he was behind the export of some of the biggest pop records of the decade, including hits for the Bay City Rollers and the Sweet, but now record producer Phil Wainman is looking to sell to the world electric classic London taxis. 

The work is being done at a specialist garage in Dorset which has already converted Phil's De Lorean sports car to run on batteries - and is now converting a 1965 E-Type Jaguar.

Prince Harry at the wheel of an all electric E-Type Jaguar

Phil got the idea after seeing Prince Harry drive an electric E-Type out of Windsor Castle after his wedding to Megan Markle.

Phil Wainman at the wheel of his all electric London taxi.

Phil wants to convert old iconic diesel taxis to electric, and sell them around the world.  He says there are thousands of them available. 

But there is a problem turning Phil's ideas into reality. 

Most of the bits needed to build the vehicles come from abroad and, due to demand, are getting hard to find at the right price.

Also, Tom Simpson, who engineers the conversions, says he's struggling to find people with the right skills to build the vehicles.

Engineer Tom Simpson with some of the electric motor parts that are increasingly hard to aquire.

Phil wants to build these taxis here in the UK, but says that despite the projects green credentials, he's had no support from the government as of yet.