Lucky escape for two kittens discovered in a Thames Valley scrapyard

Watch: Report by ITV News Meridian's Heather Edwards.

They do say cats have nine lives...and two kittens found in the Thames Valley may well have already used one of theirs.

These kittens were born inside a old car in a scrapyard in Wokingham, and luckily for them - were rescued just minutes before the vehicle was due to be crushed.

It was only when scrap metal worker Tommy Harper heard noises coming from the vehicle that the kittens were discovered.

Watch: Tommy Harper and Charlotte Drablow explain what happened when they discovered the kittens.

The kittens were in a very bad way - one of them had become trapped in the engine unable to get food or water and his brother had refused to leave him. 

They were quickly taken to a vets, where - luckily - after some care and attention, they both pulled through.

The duo, now known as Garfield and Odie, have been adopted by Tommy and Charlotte.

Watch: Veterinarian Anna Bonache said she was happy they pulled through.