Cat lover to make 200th visit to south's first cat cafe in Dorset

Alan's favourite cat at the cafe is Petrus Credit: Pause Cat Cafe

A 64-year-old man is celebrating his love of cats, by making his 200th visit to the south's first ever cat cafe.

Alan Daglish will visit the Pause Cat Cafe in Bournemouth - a rescue home for eleven cats.

The cats were attended to throughout the day and night by volunteers during lockdown

Alan is such a huge fan of the space, he has been known to walk all the way from Poole for a cup of tea with the cats.

His favourite cat is Petrus, who occasionally climbs onto Alan’s shoulders for a cuddle. When asked why he likes the experience so much, Alan says “I like seeing Petrus and they do good tea.”

Petrus is Alan's favourite cat and he's been visiting him since the cafe opened in 2017

The cafe first opened in February 2017, and makes a special effort for people who have disabilities, learning difficulties and those who struggle with their mental health.

It was forced to close during lockdown to comply with Covid restrictions, but the cats were attended to throughout the day and night by volunteers.

The cafe made the decision to pre-open to regulars and volunteers who the cats were familiar with, to help the animals adjust to the change.

The cat cafe opened in 2017

Cats have been known to help boost mood and provide company but many older people are unable to have a pet of their own.

The concept of a cat cafe is one that's popular in Far Eastern countries - the idea being that the stresses of urban life can be more easily forgotten if you spend some quality time in the company of cats.

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