Police chief says force will 'listen and act' following Sarah Everard murder

Tap to watch ITV News Meridian's James Dunham's full interview with Sussex Police Chief Constable Jo Shiner

The Chief Constable of Sussex Police has told ITV News Meridian her force will 'listen and act' to improve the safety for women and girls.

Jo Shiner's comments follow the murder of Sarah Everard by serving Metropolitan Police office Wayne Couzens in London earlier this year.

The force is piloting a new online service called 'Street Safe' where women can reports if they feel unsafe in a certain area, be it through poor street lighting or a certain individual.

Chief Constable Shiner said: “The crime was horrific and it has eroded the confidence some people have in the police to protect them. As a woman and as a police officer, this hurts, and I know it hurts my colleagues who work hard every day to protect people and catch criminals.

"We are going to have to work really hard and really openly with our communities to rebuild that trust.

"That’s why I want to have a measured conversation with local communities and with colleagues because, if we are not careful, there is a danger we will not bring about the meaningful change we all want, change that will prevent violence against women and girls and the toxic attitudes that lead to it.

"There is an awful lot we are doing within Sussex Police and we must continue to build on this."