Behind the scenes with the model-makers at Hornby

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A new TV show is taking viewers behind the scenes at the Hornby model-making company in Kent.

The job of painting trains, racing cars and fighter planes can be a tricky business, especially when they're a fraction of the size of the real thing.

That's the challenge that some of Britain's best designers face every day at Hornby in Margate.

The models are all a fraction of the size of the real thing

The designers are the new stars of a TV show showcasing the intricate design processes that go in to 'shrinking' real life.

The show will focus on designers creating miniature masterpieces

There’s a chance to marvel at Britain’s best model layout builders, creating miniature masterpieces in lofts and sheds across the land.

These dedicated enthusiasts spend hundreds of hours building perfect replicas of towns, villages and landscapes for their locos to travel through and nothing but perfect authenticity will do in their model world.

  • Montana Hoeren, Hornby

Now it's their designers who'll be taking over our living rooms, in a new 10-part TV series called Hornby: A Model World. 

Each programme follows the process from drawing board to perfect mini replica.

The series observes the ups and downs of the design process Credit: Hornby

The series observes the ups and downs of the design process as the teams attempt to get the all-important detail spot on, whether it’s perfecting the sound of a 1930’s steam loco or the stitching on a First World War fighter plane.