It's a diversion... NOT Squid Game, police warn as new road sign appears

Credit: Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley Police has warned drivers that a familiar-looking sign relates to diversions and not the hit Netflix show Squid Game.

The road signs appeared on Junction 5 of the M4 in Berkshire.

The sign features a square, circle and triangle - the same three shapes used in the popular Korean TV show.

South Korean survival drama Squid Game features the signs throughout. The show has attracted over 100 million viewers worldwide since it was released last month.

However, on UK roads the shapes, the square, triangle, circle and diamond shapes are commonly used to direct lorries while normal routes are closed.

Responding to the confusion Thames Valley Police tweeted: 'Evening all,

"So, we can confirm that by following this signage from the M4 Junction 5 in Slough will not lead you to the popular Netflix series Squid Game.

'It's just directions for diversion routes during the roadworks *phew."