Oxford headteacher warns faulty traffic bollard is putting pupils in danger

  • Watch the video report by ITV Meridian's Mark McQuillan

The headteacher of an Oxford primary school has warned her pupils are in danger because of a faulty traffic bollard.

The barrier is designed to limit traffic flow over Aristotle Bridge near Saint Philip and Saint James' C of E Primary School but it hasn't worked for more than 3 years.

Headteacher, Sarah Awuye said there has been too many near misses on the narrow bridge during drop off and pick up times.

Pupils have been carrying out traffic surveys on the bridge and parents are collecting signatures for a petition.

Sarah Awuye said: "I'm acutely aware at these pinch-points in the day that something could happen. We do have staff around, we do encourage parents not to drive and they've been incredibly good at supporting that. But there are still too many cars in a very small space." 

  • Sarah Awuye, Headteacher:

Oxfordshire County Council said technical issues have so far prevented the repair. Officials are due to meet with parents and residents next week to try to resolve the issue.