Meridian meets band Erasure

They've spent 36 years in the business, sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, and boast a back catalogue of toe tapping tunes.  

Erasure are back with their distinct dance sound and say, after the last 19 months, they are determined to put a smile on their fans' faces. 

  • ITV Meridian has been to meet the iconic duo

The pop duo who formed during the 1980s are back on tour with their 18th album. 

Erasure are performing at venues on the  South Coast, playing at Bournemouth this evening and Brighton next week. After that, they're swapping the south coast of the UK for the Florida coast in America, followed by the Big Apple.

  • WEB EXCLUSIVE: ITV's Natalie Boare goes behind the scenes to find out more about the pop duo

Erasure are an English 'electro-pop' group, who formed in London in 1985. They consist of singer and songwriter Andy Bell with songwriter, producer and keyboardist Vince Clarke.

They've been releasing music since the mid-1980s and, with more than 30 UK Top 40 hits under their belt, they're excited to meet more of their fans across the south and across the world on their latest tour.

ITV Meridian meet the duo before they played in Bournemouth this evening