Walking With The Wounded 400km expedition passes through the South

The group began the walk 7 days ago. Credit: Lucky7

Walking With The Wounded's 6th expedition passed through Oxfordshire today, as the 6 strong team make their way towards London.

It marks day 7 of their expedition, which is raising funds and awareness for the charity, which cares for veterans of the armed forces.

The team were due to cross the Omani desert, however, due to the global pandemic, they are now going to cross the UK, walking the equivalent distance of 10 marathons in 12 days.

The expedition started on Pen-Y-Fan in Wales, the 6-man team then walked through Hereford (home of the Special Air Service 'SAS') and will walk through Gloucestershire before arriving at the start of the infamous Thames path- a long distance walking trail that follows the river Thames from its source in the Cotswolds before arriving in the heart of London and finishing at the Omani Embassy in London, in Belgravia. 

Due to various physical injuries, some team members were only be able to walk part of the route - overcoming their individual situations to achieve what they can.

Watch: Ben Gallagher, a Veteran, explains what the walk means to him.

WWTW's CEO, Fergus Williams, said:

"Although the expedition is now taking place in the UK, the team are walking up to 400km, which is no easy feat. We are looking forward to supporting them as they put their hard work to the test and walk to demonstrate that those who serve or served can overcome adversity."

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, and patron of the expedition said,

"The team at Walking With The Wounded understand that it's not about where you walk - it's about walking together with a common purpose and shared mission. These men and women know what service is, they've seen and overcome adversity, and they won't let obstacles get in their way. They are paragons of inspiration for communities everywhere. We wish them good luck and good weather."