Two people rescued after car crashes through library wall

181021-hardley fire station library crash
Credit: Hardley Fire Station

Two people had to be rescued after their car crashed through the wall of a Hampshire library.

Fire crews were called to Hythe Library just after 11am on Sunday morning (17 October) where a car had burst through the walls.

Pictures taken by the service show the damage caused to both the car and the inside of the library, with concrete blocks, books and chairs strewn across the floor.

Credit: ITV News Meridian

Both the driver and passenger of the car had managed to get out of the vehicle without any injuries, however then found themselves stuck inside the library.

Crews from Hardley Fire Station stabilised the car before tunnelling through to reach the casualties.

They then had to force their way out of the library to safety.

Hythe Library has remained closed since the incidents while investigations and repairs are underway.

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