The Last Word: October 2021

ITV News Meridian's Political Correspondent Phil Hornby hosts October's edition of The Last Word.

Phil and his guests discuss life in politics after the shocking death of Sir David Amess. He had been an MP for so long, was liked and admired by all, the perfect constituency MP, and as colleagues paid tribute to him this week, you couldn't help asking yourself - how vulnerable are they: what can be done to keep them safe?

This month The Last Word features Sir David's last appearance on the programme, when he managed to spring a constituent accused of Islamic extremism, out of jail in Egypt.

Also on this month's edition, as we head to COP26 at the end of this month, we ask about who should foot the bill for climate change?

Craig Mackinlay tells us he didn't become an MP to make his constituents 'poorer and colder'. Cllr Julia Hilton says there will be costs, but unless those costs are addressed soon, they'll become all the more significant if we postpone the awkward decisions. Also, Alan Whitehead says the Government needs to do more to prepare the international community to get ready for Cop26.

In the studio:

  • Alan Whitehead, Labour MP for Southampton Test and Shadow Energy Minister

  • Craig Mackinlay, Conservative MP for South Thanet

  • Julia Hilton, Green councillor for Hastings & East Sussex County Council

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