Car crashes into estate agents in Wokingham

  • Video report from ITV News Meridian's Penny Silvester

It was just after midday when a car careered off the main road, mounted the pavement and smashed through the front window of an estate agents in the centre of Wokingham.

Eltjon Pupla, from Hunters Estate Agents, said: "It was just a banging noise. All we could see is our front desk hit right to the back of our office."

"Luckily nobody was sitting there at that time. It just happened so quickly."

One office worker escaped serious injury by minutes. He should have been sitting at his desk right next to the front window but had been held up by traffic and had just entered the back door.

  • Bes Polamani, Sales Assistant

Bes Polamani said: "I'm really lucky, I was doing some viewings actually and therewas some roadworks on the A329 so that's why I was late."

Witnesses say the car was travelling at speed along the one way system through Wokingham when it collided with three other vehicles before crashing into the building.

The elderly driver and his passenger were treated at the scene by passers by.

One witness said: "I ran over and opened the door because there was smoke coming out of the vehicle. There was an elderly gentleman and a lady inside. We removed them from the vehicle and started giving first aid to them."

"They were both in shock."

  • Luke Buchan, Car driver

One of the other drivers involved says he was sitting in stationary traffic when his car was hit from behind.

Luke Buchan said: "The driver of the BMW came through at quite some speed, rear ended the car behind me which was a Ford Focus which has then gone into me and then the BMW carried on through into the estate agents".

The police are continuing to investigate how the accident happened.