Southampton teenager spiked with needle during first nightclub experience

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A young woman from Southampton has spoken of her terrifying ordeal after allegedly being spiked with a needle on her first ever night out in a nightclub.

Eighteen-year-old Charlotte Evans was on a night out with friends when suddenly she lost all feeling in her face and says her arm felt sore.

Four days after the attack Charlotte says she's still suffering from the impact.

She said: "I went back to my friend's house and I woke up in the morning and I still felt drunk even though I had not drunk a lot at all. I noticed that I could not see clearly and then we saw the mark on my left arm and then that's when we called the police."

"I think it's disgusting that anyone could do that. I was very careful, I was not by myself and I did not drink a lot at all. I was cautious about what I was doing and my friends say I would never put myself in any unsafe environment. So, me being spiked is disgusting."    

  • Charlotte Evans:

In recent months, there have been 17 spiking incidents in Hampshire, and the Police and Crime Commissioner says these incidents are being taken seriously. A police investigation is underway.

Donna Jones, Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner said: "My message to anyone out there is make sure you report or encourage a family member or friend to report if you think they have been a victim."

Charlotte's night out on Sunday turned into a Halloween horror story that sadly seems to be becoming more common, as cases of spiking are on the rise.

Charlotte thinks more could have been done to protect her while she was out.

She said: "I think the bouncers at the nightclub should have done bag checks and they should have just taken more care with everything."

Charlotte Evans was on a night out with friends when she suffered pain in her arm

More effort from nightclub staff is something that's supported by one member of the local council. 

Councillor Sarah Bogle, Southampton City Council said: "People should be able to go out at night without being spiked, that's just outrageous. I'm sure a needle can be found on a normal search when you go into a premises and if that's what it takes then that's something that the main night time industry should consider."

A spokesman for the Trilogy nightclub is reported to have said that the club will assist with any police inquiry if requested to do so. 

Charlotte hopes that be speaking out she can help prevent more women becoming victims of this sort of attack.