Giant pumpkins stolen from Sonning Common

Stolen pumpkin

Every year David Young spends months growing large pumpkins to help raise money for the Royal British Legion, but on Wednesday two were stolen from his driveway in Sonning Common, near Reading.

One of the stolen pumpkins

David is a very keen gardener and spends hours every day tending to his vegetables and plants.

The biggest pumpkin was thought to weigh up to 60 kilos and was difficult to lift. Now there's just an empty patch where it grew.

The spot where one of the pumpkins grew

David was planning to use the biggest pumpkin as a raffle prize or to auction it off at an event on Remembrance Sunday to raise money for the poppy appeal - a charity he has been involved with for 30 years.

He says the pumpkin was around twice the size of a dustbin lid. He's not been deterred - he plans to grow an even bigger one next year.