The bravery of Subedar Singh and the wreath transported by train to remember him

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The grandson of a war captain made an emotive journey to Brighton today to honour the soldier who saved his grandfather's life.

Ian Henderson wouldn't be alive if Subedar Manta Singh was not there in battle with his grandfather Captain George Henderson.

Subedar Singh was an Indian soldier who joined the British Army in 1906.

His regiment entered the Battle of Neuve-Chapelle, one of the bloodiest battles of the first world war.

Subedar Manta Singh (left) and Captain George Henderson's (right) Credit:

Subedar Singh saved Captain Henderson's life, carrying him to safety, when he was injured risking his own safety to rescuing his friend and comrade.

Sadly, Subedar Singh was injured and died in hospital in Brighton, among thousands of Indian soldiers to be treated there during the conflict.

Ian Henderson, grandson of Captain George Henderson, said:

"Subedar Singh risked his life to save my grandfather and without him, I wouldn’t be here. These strong connections have allowed our families to remain friends for three generations.

"Every year, I travel to Brighton to pay my respects to Indian soldiers that died fighting for Britain.

Ian Henderson placing a wreath in memory of Subedar Singh Credit:

Ian Henderson travelled to the city with a wreath as part of the 'Routes of Remembrance' campaign where wreaths will travel by train across the country to honour the fallen.

Nick Parker, Head of Stations at Southern, said:

"The railway played a crucial part in WWI and WWII, not only moving equipment and rations around the country, but transporting healthy and wounded troops too. In fact, it’s very likely that Manta Singh would have been taken on the train from Southampton to Brighton to be treated, so we’re proud to be honouring his story with a wreath laid at Brighton station.

"It was a privilege to travel with Ian today as he embarked on his very own route of remembrance on behalf of his grandfather. We have a large community of ex-military in the railway and it has been fantastic to work with The Veterans Charity in the lead up to Remembrance Day itself."

The bond between the Singhs and the Hendersons continues to this day with Manta's son and Ian's father both serving in the same regiment in the second world war.