Salisbury light display: Cathedral to dazzle for five nights in celebration of Earth's beauty

ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee reports from Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral is destined for a glow up to raise awareness of the impact of climate change.

The celebrated landmark is hosting a light and music display, which launches this evening as world leaders meet for the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

The cathedral is hosting an immersive light and music display entitled 'Sarum Lights - Heaven and Earth' celebrating the beauty of Planet Earth and the Universe. 

Organisers hope the galactic display will encourage visitors to consider the role we all can play in protecting our planet.

The light display runs for five nights from Tuesday, November 9, until Saturday, November 13.

The mutimedia work, created by artist Peter Walker and composer David Harper of Luxmuralis, is intended to celebrate the splendour of our galaxy and planet.

Mr Walker told ITV Meridian the 'butterfly effect' feature will allow visitors to write down their idea for one small change they would to change the world for the better, and add it to the installation.

Around 10,000 people are expected to visit the soundscape and light spectacular encouraging viewers to reflect on the power and fragility of Earth, and contemplate their place in the universe.

The display takes around one hour to view in full, and audiences can book in entry slots to stagger arrivals and prevent long queues. 

  • Full booking and ticket price details can be found here.