The Berkshire bakery helping young people with complex autism told they will never work get jobs

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Many young people living with autism are warned they may never be able to enter the world of work.

An artisan bakery in Berkshire, is working to change that assumption.

'Bread and Beyond' is helping young people living with complex autism get jobs.

The bakery based at Prior's Court school and has recently won two industry awards for its work. 

James is severely autistic but twice a week is here, training as a baker

The kitchen looks and feels like any other professional bakery.

It's all part of getting the students, for whom unusual sights, sounds and smells can be triggering, used to operating in a workplace environment. 

For people with complex autism, the employment picture can be bleak, with statistics reinforcing the concern they might never be able to enjoy a career.

But, since Bread and Beyond opened in 2019, one trainee has already gone on to get work experience elsewhere.

  • Laura Parker is a Bakery job coach and helps the students

The bakery's products are supplied to Prior Court school's catering team and sold in local shops and cafes.

They hope that this project will challenge attitudes and prove what people with complex autism can achieve.