Artwork highlights threat of climate change and trawl fishing to kelp forests along Sussex coast

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Tom Savvides containing underwater video from Big Wave Productions

A new mural, reflecting the fish and plants found in the sea off the Sussex coast, is highlighting the need to preserve sea life.

Created by artist Sarah Gillings, the artwork depicts the underwater kelp forests, that stretch from Rye to Chichester.

It has been painted on one of Adur and Worthing District Council's offices in Worthing.

Sarah Gillings, Artist, said: "In the street and in the urban setting I think it's a lovely reminder for us about all the nature that we are losing.

"So doing something like this mural is really fantastic because it's bringing people's awareness."

Kelp forests were once thriving off the Sussex coast. Credit: Big Wave Productions

Underwater forests where the giant seaweed Kelp grows used to thrive along the coast from Rye to Chichester. Over the years they have dwindled, because of trawl fishing and climate change.

Earlier this year a by-law was passed banning trawlers near the shoreline.

Sir David Attenborough has previously lent his support to a campaign to rewild the forests.

The mural has been painted on a council building in Worthing. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Councillor Kevin Jenkins, Leader, Worthing Council, said: "As a borough council we are committed to the climate change agenda.

"We've declared a climate emergency and part of that is recognising that we need to carbon capture and helping the Kelp restoration of the Kelp beds off Worthing and on the Sussex Bay.

"It is really important to us and we want to make a signal of that in the artwork we see behind us."