Family of Oxfordshire man who died from alcoholism release powerful documentary

  • Video report from ITV News Meridian's Carolyn Sim

A family from Brize Norton, who lost a beloved son and brother to alcoholism, are sharing their story to raise awareness of the dangers of addiction. Tom Maybury died aged just 29, after a long battle with alcohol dependency that his family said left him living "like a shuffling old man." His brother Henry and mother Sally have featured in a new film, released during Alcohol Awareness Week, that they hope will be played in schools around the country.

It's a documentary which reveals the absolute heartbreak of alcoholism.

  • Sally Maybury says her dream is that the film helps somebody like Tom.

Sally Maybury, Tom's mum, said: "This film has made us really tell it from the heart. I couldn't help Tom, couldn't help Tom at all and we tried." 

"We tried a lot. But if we could help somebody that would be my dream it really would."

Life had seemed to be going well for Tom until he turned twenty and things changed. Drinking took over.

Tom's brother, Henry, said: "He went from being this young guy having so much going for him and then that man that we saw going into his flat two months before he passed away."

Tom Maybury.

Sally reflects on seeing Tom towards the end, saying: "He was like a shuffling little old man and I think that's the cruelness of the disease."

Towards the end Tom was in and out of hospital three or four times a month, until finally his organs gave up.

Sally said: "I was there with him until he actually passed away and it was very peaceful. I stayed with him for a little while, just holding him."

The film explains that after Tom died his family launched a charity, visiting schools across the country and talking to people about the dangers of addiction. 

  • Henry Maybury shares his mother's vision.

Henry said: "We want to do something that we could never do with Tom. We really want to try and raise enough money so we can sponsor an addict and get them into rehab."

They hope the film will now be shown in as many schools as possible.

The documentary can be watched here.