Migrant crossings continue despite less favourable weather

WATCH: ITV News Meridian's Joe Coshan reports from Dungeness.

Suspected migrants had to be rescued by the RNLI today, as many took advantage of a period of calmer weather in the Channel.

Boats could be seen being brought to shore in Dungeness and Dover today, where they were greeted by Border Force and Police.

Just after 15:30 on Saturday, 43 migrants were brought ashore in Dungeness. Dozens were women and children.

Many were visibly happy to be safe and dry.

Campaigners say more needs to be done to help those making the dangerous crossing, saying that we need to do more as a country - whether everyone agrees or not.

The number of crossings at this time of year normally tails off. Calmer and warmer summer waters make for ideal conditions, but apparently the milder winter weather means many are still taking the risk.

ITV News understands that among the crossings was a different dinghy carrying 38 people, which got into some trouble in the water off Dungeness earlier today.

Lifeboats were also dispatched to Dover and Littlestone-On-Sea before midday to help those in need to shore.

The government points the blame at the criminal gangs behind them.

They say Channel and Border Force officers are authorised, trained and ready to use safe and legal options to stop these deadly crossings.