'How dare you': Sexual assault victim speaks out as attackers are jailed

Two men have been jailed for a combined total of 16 years for sexual assault and attempted rape of a woman in Southampton.

The woman, who is now 21, expressed how the attack had affected her and said directly to her attackers, ‘how dare you’.

Her victim personal statement, which was read out in court, said: “These two men have made my existence painful.

"They have made me feel like if I let my guard down for even a second, something will happen to me. They took away my worth, my privacy, my time, my safety, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice.

 “All I have to say to them is, how dare you.”

Pankaj Bangarh and Ramdeen Farooqy were found guilty at Southampton Crown Court Credit: Hampshire Police

Ramdeen Farooqy, 25, from London, was found guilty of one count of attempted rape and one count of sexual assault and sentenced to eight years behind bars.

Pankaj Bangarh, 27, from Hillingdon, London, was found guilty of attempted rape and sexual assault and was also sentenced to eight years.

The pair were found guilty by a jury at Southampton Crown Court earlier this year in June.

The court previously heard that on the evening of Friday, August 3, 2018, the woman, who was then aged 18, went out drinking in Southampton with her boyfriend and friends, to celebrate a birthday.

The group met and started drinking at a pub earlier in the evening, before going on to Oceana nightclub in Southampton. 

At some point during the evening, the woman’s friends saw her talking to a group of unknown men inside the nightclub, and later, at around 2am on Saturday 4th August, she was seen in the car park, with two of the men. 

Her boyfriend called out to her to stop her getting in the car however she was intoxicated and didn’t appear to recognise him. She then got into the car with the two men, and the car drove off.

Later that morning, the woman woke to find herself in a room at the Winston Hotel in Southampton, with two men unknown to her. The woman contacted her mum to obtain her postcode as she couldn’t remember, and the men then drove her home.

Supported by her parents, she then contacted Treetops Sexual Assault Referral Centre for advice.   The following day, the woman reported what happened to police and an investigation led by officers from Operation Amberstone quickly got underway.

During the investigation, it was found that the men had taken footage of the woman while they sexually assaulted her. She had no idea.

Both men stood trial for further sexual assault charges and rape offences, including voyeurism, relating to the same incident, however were found not guilty.

Police say if you’ve been a victim, please report rape or sexual assault as soon as possible. There are a range of places to get support, advice and medical help.

You can speak to a number of organisations in confidence and what you tell them won't be shared with the police unless you ask for it to be. For further information go to:  yellowdoor.org.uk

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