'I'm in remission for breast cancer - I wanted my booster to put my mind at rest'

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Mike Pearse

A woman who is in remission for breast cancer says she wanted to put her mind at ease by getting a coronavirus booster jab.

She is one of a number of people who queued up on Saturday (27 November) to receive a vaccine.

"I am in remission for breast cancer, so wanted to put my mind at rest really."

"I'm here two weeks early. It puts my son's mind at rest because he's worried about me anyway."

Extra clinics are being held this weekend so more people can jets their jabs and boosters in the run up to Christmas.

Hundreds queued up for more than an hour at a pop-up clinic in Witney.

Queues for coronavirus jabs in Witney. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Michele Mead, Leader, West Oxfordshire District Council (Con) said: "With what is going on in Europe and elsewhere it is really encouraging people to get vaccinated against this thing.

"Everyone wants to enjoy Christmas so lets get vaccinated and enjoy life as normal."

The clinic is one of a number of extra facilities set up in the region, with extra capacity at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford.

Coronavirus jab at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford.

Anita Sherwood from Oxford NHS Trust said: "In terms of the popularity we are seeing the majority of our appointments.

"We do have, through the grad a jab website, opportunities for other walk-ins but we are pleased with the uptake and the number of people coming forward."