Popular music festival announces new venue in Sussex

The One Love festival was previously held in Kent Credit: One Love

A popular music festival has moved to a new venue for 2022.

One Love will take place at Wiston Estate between 12th -14th August 2022 Credit: One Love Festival

The One Love Fesitval - which was previously held in Kent will now take place at The Wiston Estate, Steyning between 12th - 14th August.

One Love was started in 2007 in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the One Love Peace concert in Jamaica in 1978. Bob Marley, through creating and hosting a musical event, was instrumental in uniting 2 rival political factions and bringing an end to civil war in Jamaica.

  One Love 2022 marks a radical rethink of the events’ traditional musical offering. The intent is to move away from exclusively Jamaican-based music and towards a much wider sound, including rock, soul, and all forms of dance music. It will also celebrate local diversity and ingenuity in music and art.

One love is partnered with The Rio Ferdinand Foundation, which is a registered charity that has supported young people from the most disadvantaged communities across the UK and Ireland to overcome inequality, division and racism for over ten years.

The Foundation has a long track record of using music, the arts and sports as a pathway for bringing people together, giving young people and communities a voice and building a stronger and more inclusive society.  

The Festival shares a vision with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation – that music can bring people of all backgrounds together, provide a voice for the people and help build a more peaceful and inclusive society.  

A percentage of profits will be donated to directly deliver education, training and skills programmes for young people in the heart of communities across the UK to create a stronger and more inclusive society through music and culture.