Man jailed for 11 years for attempted rape in Bournemouth

Deividas Zilinskas - Dorset Police
Deividas Zilinskas Credit: Dorset Police

A man has been jailed for 11 years for the attempted rape of a woman in Bournemouth.

Deividas Zilinskas sexually assaulted the woman after following her home in July 2021.

The 23-year-old of Coleman Road, Bournemouth, was sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court on Friday 10 December 2021 after admitting charges of attempted rape, assault and three counts of sexual assault at a previous hearing.

The woman reported to Dorset Police that she had been walking when the man had started to walk with her. She said she felt uncomfortable and managed to get away from him and hid in a garden, but when she continued walking the man re-appeared and continued to walk with her. 

He touched her inappropriately on two occasions before forcing his way into the house and sexually assaulting her.

While on the call to police, the victim explained that she had eventually managed to get the man out of her house and had called the police straight away. Officers carried out a search of the area, but the man couldn't be found.

Dorset Police's Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) searched through CCTV footage and found an image of the suspect, carrying a distinctive rucksack.

Officers carried out house-to-house enquiries, showing residents a poster with a CCTV image of the suspect. A member of the public recognised the man and when officers went to his address, they found a rucksack matching one they had seen the suspect wearing in the CCTV.

Zilinskas was arrested and forensic evidence was found, linking him to the incident.

Detective Inspector Simon Huxter, of MCIT, said: "Deividas Zilinskas subjected his victim to a truly harrowing ordeal. The victim showed tremendous courage throughout the incident and even managed to record part of her interaction with Zilinskas on her mobile phone, which proved to be compelling evidence. 

"Zilinskas was unknown to her and thankfully, serious crimes of this nature are incredibly rare.

"It is completely unacceptable for a young woman to be subjected to any type of sexual attack. Dorset Police remains absolutely committed to protecting everyone from violence, harassment and abuse and we will do everything we can to bring offenders such as Zilinskas to justice. This case demonstrates that offenders who commit these kinds of offences will rightly face a significant period behind bars."