Sussex Police officers convicted of assaulting teenager in custody

280421 Sussex Police crest
The officers will be sentenced on the 26th of January. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Two Sussex officers have been convicted of assaulting a teenage girl they had detained in Eastbourne.

PC Deborah Sands, 46, and PC Kris Green, 35, based in East Sussex, were found guilty of assault by using excessive use of force against her during her detention in May 2020 following a trial at Folkestone Magistrates Court last month.

Detective Superintendent Rachel Carr, Head of the Professional Standards Department, said: "While police need to use force at times during the course of their work, this is highly regulated, and excessive use of force is unacceptable and any incidents will be fully investigated."

Detective Superintendent Rachel Carr added: "We then suspended them after an IOPC investigation led to them being charged with the offence. We will be resuming disciplinary action against the officers now that the criminal investigation has concluded."

The two officers will be sentenced on the 26th of January.