Shelter warns 33,000 kids in South East rentals face threat of eviction threat this winter


At least 33,000 children living in privately rented homes in the South East are under threat of eviction this winter, according to Shelter.

A poll commissioned by the charity found that 17,200 private renting families in the region had received an eviction notice in the last month or are currently behind on their rent, putting them in real danger of losing their home.

With the eviction ban now over, the charity said it's concerned even more eviction notices will start rolling in as living costs rise and debts mount for many.

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: "No child should have to worry about losing their home this Christmas, let alone 33,000. But so many families in the South East will spend every day with the threat of eviction looming over them, not knowing if they will still have a home next year.

"Eviction notices have started dropping on doormats and our services are working round the clock to help families who have nowhere else to go. We urgently need more support for renters to protect them from eviction this winter."