Christmas Eve fun for the animals at local wildlife park

The Lemurs enjoying their Christmas stockings Credit: Cotswold Wildlife Park

Animals at the Cotswold Wildlife Park in Oxfordshire have been enjoying a few festive treats.

The Ring-tailed Lemurs had pine cones stuffed with grapes and stockings with grapes hidden inside.

Primate and Small Mammal Keepers Richard and Cath also gave the Park's oldest Ring-tailed Lemur Ma some special seasonal treats. 

The rhinos got treats too Credit: Cotswold Wildlife Park

Head Keeper Mark Godwin and his children, Molly and Henry, hung up stockings for the Rhinos. The family live on-site at the Park and Mark's children have grown up there.

Mark named the newest Rhino calf Molly, born in August, after his daughter.  

The animals are given the treats to try and stimulate them mentally and physically with changes to their environment.

The Cotswold Wildlife Park has been open to the public since 1970.

The park is actively involved in conservation in the wild and is involved in many breeding programmes for endangered species.

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