Omicron: How families isolating over Christmas will 'make the best of it' as Covid ruins plans

A Kent family tells ITV News Meridian how they plan to spend their Christmas Day

Families forced to spend Christmas isolating after catching Covid say they are 'devastated' but making the best of the day to keep spirits up.

The Tinkler family, who live in Whitstable in Kent, say they are "gutted" they can't be with everyone tomorrow - especially as it marks baby Athene's first Christmas.

But the biggest concern for Xanthe, four, was whether Father Christmas would be coming, after mum Imogen and dad Duncan explained why they had to stay at home.

The family had planned to spend the day with their grandparents and wider family.

The Tinkler family will be keeping their children busy with activities on Christmas Day. Credit: Imogen Tinkler & Duncan Tinkler

Imogen said: "For Christmas Day instead we've been practicing a puppet show to put on for grandpa and grandma when they drop round some food for us tomorrow. The baby is part of it.

"It's kind of a take on Punch and Judy with Christmas, we've been busy practicing.

"Father Christmas is giving us an extra treat tomorrow and he is giving us a treasure hunt rather than leaving the presents under the tree, giving us lots of things to do.

"We'll have to go out into the garden and do some activities to find our presents. It's going to be exciting, and tiring!

"We're also making some extra biscuits and making some table decorations and just adding extra activities to make it feel really special."

The Nicholson family will spend Christmas in isolation. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Meanwhile, the Nicholson family from Hampshire will spend a second Christmas without their 80-year-old grandparents after three members of the family tested positive for Covid-19.

Helena Nicholson, from Bramley, caught the virus the day after her children finished their isolation period.

Helena says despite it being "hugely disappointing" they will "make the best of it" with "crackers, party games... full of fun and joy".

She said: "Who would have thought we would have been here for a second Christmas in a row? It's just awful, devastating really."

She added: "We were absolutely devastated when we got the positive test last week, but we thought 'it's okay, we'll be out before Christmas' and then the rest of us tested positive.

"We're hanging on until New Year, where we're hoping to have a second Christmas Day with my parents."

The family say they will video call their grandparents who will read the book The Night Before Christmas to the children as part of their festive traditions.