Council urges people to find ways to reuse before recycling post-Christmas

Keep wrapping paper to be used again.

Councils in the south east of England are encouraging the public to think about what they can reuse before recycling, once the Christmas festivities are over.

Keeping wrapping paper to use again, giving unwanted presents to charity shops, and turning packaging into craft materials are just a few of the ways Kent County Council is asking residents to make items go further.

The suggestions are in a bid to promote a circular economy.

That means seeing items that would otherwise have been thrown out repurposed and given a new lease of life.

Credit: PA

KCC's Cabinet Member for Environment, Susan Carey, said: "Recycling is one way we can all help the environment but reusing is even better so this Christmas it would be good to challenge ourselves to find more ways to keep items going and ensure they are not disposed of too quickly.

"Of course, if people do have waste left over from Christmas that they are unable to reuse then we will always encourage them to recycle it."

Kent County Council's tips post-Christmas:

  • Keeping wrapping paper to use again

  • Give unwanted presents to charity shops

  • Use boxes and packaging as craft materials

  • Turn old Christmas jumpers or pyjamas into present bags for next year

  • Set the family a leftover challenge and see how many dishes you can make from your Christmas dinner

Councillor Lulu Bowerman, from East Hampshire District Council, said: "During the festive season I would urge residents to continue to recycle and reuse as much as they can.

"Our social media will be sharing lots of tips and videos on how you can have a greener Christmas.

“We always produce so much more waste at this time of the year, from packaging to food leftovers, so it’s even more important we think about what we throw away and that everything is put into the correct bins."