Driver continues journey with crashed car on M25 through Kent and Surrey

Damaged Porsche stopped on M25 Credit: Roads Policing Unit - Surrey Police

A man who crashed and damaged a Porsche continued to drive for miles on the M25 before being pulled over by police.

A picture of the two-seater soft top convertible posted on Twitter by the Surrey Police roads policing unit shows dramatic damage to the back of the car.

A police officer said he was "honestly shocked" to see a motorist had driven formore than 30 miles with the rear end of his vehicle hanging off after crashing his Porsche on the M25 in Kent.

Pc Serge Hadfield, from Surrey Police, stopped the vehicle after it was called in by a member of the public on December 26th and was surprised to see the bumper "literally bouncing out of the small boot".

The driver, aged late 50s to early 60s, was pulled over at Cobham Services in Surrey after being picked up at junction nine.