Large amount of cigarettes stolen in Oxfordshire petrol station raid

  • Video report from ITV News Meridian's Carolyn Sim

A gang of thieves have been caught on camera breaking into a petrol station in Oxfordshire and stealing hundreds of pounds worth of cigarettes. 

Dressed in balaclavas, the group targeted Mellor's Garage near Wantage at 10pm last night (28th December).

One member of the group was spotted leaving with a box of beer, another with a heavy plastic sack that was then loaded into the back of the getaway car. Within minutes they were gone.

  • Steve Henry, Mellor's Garage

Owner, Steve Henry, said: "They're scum, and that's mild isn't it? They're in bed now asleep aren't they."

"They're not working they're not playing their taxes. I could go on but hey, I'm 62 and it's getting really hard I've had a business all my life and I've spent a small fortune on this garage and this is just a kick in the teeth."

Staff at Mellor's Garage repair the damage left behind by the thieves. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Steve added: "Sadly there's people out here in this area and in other areas that do this for a living and the knock on effect is you know I employ 15 local staff."

"Its hard work, we're busy but it's hard work and this just knocks you in the teeth to be honest."

The getaway car had no number plates, but Steve thinks he recognises it. It wasn't a late night robbery and several cars drove past while the gang were still on the forecourt.

Steve wants anyone who saw what happened to contact the police. For him, it won't be a happy New Year until these people are caught.