Uber boats to take over ownership of historic Kent pier

Watch Sarah Saunders report for ITV

A rapid river boat service into London could soon be coming to Kent.

Councillors have agreed to sell the Town Pier to a new ferry operator. The listed landmark is set to be bought by 'Uber Boats' operated by Thames Clipper, who are considering extending their the river bus network into Kent

The deal is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

The pier nearly bankrupted the council in the 1800s.

Then in 2000, the council took ownership of Gravesend Pier to ensure this historic asset would be restored and maintained.

Since then, the authority has spent around half a million pound keeping it maintained.

The pier is a historic landmark in the town

The money made from the sale of the pier will also go towards making the river more accessible to residents.

Local historian Christoph Bull says this is a chance to reinstate the pier as a busy and crucial link to the river and to London. 

As a condition of the sale the established gravesend to Tilbury ferry will continue to run and the public will still have access to the pier. The council will also have to buy back rights if the pier is not sufficiently well maintained.