Baby born weighing less than a bag of sugar is finally home in time for the new year

ITV News Meridian's Juliette Fletcher meets tiny Roxanne Bray.

A baby girl born weighing less than a bag of sugar has spent her first Christmas and New Year at home.

Roxanne Bray, from Buckingham, was delivered at just 28 weeks and then spent over three months in hospital. 

Her parents, Rebekah Pegg and Adam Bray, say they feel very fortunate to be starting 2022 with their daughter and her big sister.

Roxanne at home with her parents and big sister.

It wasn't an easy start, with Rebekah rushed into theatre after her daughter's heartbeat stopped.

She said: "It was terrifying but the midwives held my hand and reassured me that Roxanne would come out and not make a noise.

" But she made a whimper and from then on everything was a bit of a blur."

Roxanne spent 96 days in hospital.

Roxanne was born weighing just 1lb, and 8oz and was smaller than a bottle of fizzy drink. She had to be resuscitated and moved to intensive care. 

Her father Adam said: "It was shock to be honest. It didn't sink in for the first few days - she looked so small and so fragile in the little plastic box she was in.

"It was amazing that she was there and she was alive we so we were very fortunate."

Roxanne's parents Rebekah and Adam say they feel very fortunate to be starting 2022 with her and her big sister. Credit: ITV News Meridian

After 96 days in hospital Roxanne was able to come home.

She still needs a supply of oxygen but was able to spend her first Christmas with her big sister and family.

At nine months old, she is doing well and the family say they are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2022.