British Army veteran publishes book of poetry by military personnel and their families for charity

Gina Allsop tells ITV News Meridian's Charlotte Wilkins how poetry helped her through her own loss.

A British Army veteran has published a book of poetry written by veterans, in a tribute to her late brother, Spencer.

The book also features work by serving personnel and their families to raise money for charity.

Gina Allsop, a Royal Signals veteran from Rottingdean near Brighton, will donate profits from her book titled Military Memories to a number of military charities.

Recipients will include the SSAFA armed forces charity, who supported her through a "hard time".

Last year, Ms Allsop had been cycling through Liverpool when she was knocked over in a hit-and-run incident which left her in A&E, with her bike destroyed.

Her cycling had been a “coping mechanism” whilst caring for her terminally-ill brother Spencer, who died of cancer the day after her crash.

She describes Spencer as a man who loved the military and "made the most of every day."

"He lived a full life although, unfortunately, a very short life."

The book contains poems from thirty poets with military connections, including Gina Allsop herself. Credit: Gina Allsop

The book contains poems from thirty poets with military connections and even includes contributions from ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly and radio presenter Joe Carden.

Gina has raised £10,000 for the cancer charity which supported her brother during his illness.

SSAFA - The Armed Forces Charity supported her during her dark days and now she wants to give something back.

Gina said: "The poems illustrate the journey taken by those who join the Armed Forces, showing a lighter side to our families' lives and the trauma we sometimes face.

"A path taken by many, told by so few. It's a lifetime of memories shared in one little book."

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