Sussex teenager, 13, builds replica German football stadiums out of Lego

Joe Bryant has been speaking to ITV Meridian's Charlotte Wilkins

A teenager from Crawley has turned his passion for football and Lego into an extraordinary hobby. 

Joe Bryant started making stadiums from the Bundesliga, or German Football League when he was just 10 years old.

Now aged 13, Joe's ambition is to complete all clubs in the German league, and his models are almost exactly identical to the real thing.

Now the clubs and fans love his work so much he's taken his models 600 miles for them to see.

Joe said, "I started building stands and then went to football games, and then put them together and built Lego stadiums.

"It takes a week to two weeks, but sometimes we have to wait for bricks so can take a couple of months."

Each stadium uses two thousand pieces, and so far Joe has built an impressive 14 of the 18 stadiums in the league.

Joe at Werder Bremen, in Germany

Speaking about the most difficult part of building the stadiums he said, "Special bricks and then how to put it all into place."

Joe's hard work has earned him a good following with many of the teams even inviting him and his Dad to visit the stadiums in person.

Asked why he's so keen on German football stadiums, Joe said, "I really like Germany, they have great fans and a great atmosphere in the stadium.

"The stadiums are all unique, and they do a very good Bratwurst!"

Joe Bryant

Joe and his dad have been invited to visit many of the stadiums in the league in person.

Joe's dad, Phil Bryant said, "One of the stadiums we went to at Werder Bremen, Joe was able to announce that they were going to keep the stadium for their museum.

"50,000 fans just erupted, and it sent shivers down your spine.

"That was a real proud dad moment."