'Broken' brother's tribute to Briton Angela Glover who died trying to save dogs from Tonga tsunami

  • Angela Glover's grieving brother pays tribute to her in an interview with ITV News Meridian's Charlotte Wilkins.

The brother of a British charity worker who died in the Tonga tsunami say her family are "broken" by their loss.

Angela Glover, from Brighton, was swept away after an undersea volcano erupted on Saturday, sending huge waves surging across the Pacific Island nation's shores.

Her brother, Nick Eleini, said the 50-year-old died while trying to save her dogs.

He told ITV News Meridian he believed her body was found by her husband, James Glover, in bushes, and the family discovered she had died at around 7am on Monday.

He described her as a popular and kind-hearted woman who "radiated love" and "lit up the room".

  • Angela Glover's brother, Nick, remembers his 'beautiful, loving' sister.

Her family and friends appealed for information on her whereabouts after she went missing at the weekend.

In Facebook posts, they described how Mr Glover held on to a tree while his wife and her dogs were washed away.

Mr Eleini told ITV News Meridian: “I'll remember her as a beautiful, loving, kind, warm-hearted young woman.

"She is still a young woman to me. She lit up the room when she walked into it, she was loved by everybody. She had such a wide circle of friends that I know are all grieving for her.

"She was just a lovely human being."

He said the couple moved to the nation after they got married in 2015 and they had become “well-loved” locals.

Mrs Glover ran an animal rescue shelter in the country, called the Tonga Animal Welfare Society (Taws), while her husband owns a tattoo shop, called the Happy Sailor Tattoo Parlour in Nuku’alofa, the country’s capital.

Angela Glover, 50, had moved to Tonga with her husband and undertook charity work. Credit: Supplied

Mr Eleini said he and his mother had last seen Mrs Glover prior to the Covid pandemic when they visited the UK.

He said her husband is devastated: "James is shattered. He's a lovely man and we will shower him with love and I hope that we all remain a part of his life.

"For our family, Angela was the beating heart of our family. She radiated love all around and without her we are just broken."

Satellite image of the eruption Credit: Japan Meteorology Agency/AP

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss tweeted earlier: “My thoughts are with those caught up in the appalling devastation and loss of life caused by the tsunami in Tonga. The UK stands ready to help the recovery effort and we are working closely with the Tongan authorities.”

New Zealand and Australia have despatched military surveillance flights to assess the damage.

New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern told a press conference on Sunday power had been cut to the island as a result of tsunami, while an ash cloud has contaminated water.

She added defence forces were working to get water and supplies to citizens.

According to AP, the company that owns the single underwater fibre-optic cable that connects the island nation to the rest of the world, the communications cable had likely been damaged and could take weeks to repair.

Unicef Pacific said it was ready to transport emergency supplies to Tonga, including water, sanitation, hygiene kits, water containers and buckets, water field test kits, tarpaulins, recreational kits and tents.