Meridian Meets Carly Paoli: Star praised by Pope says singing in cathedrals is 'really special'

ITV News Meridian reporter Natalie Boare meets Carly Paoli

Classical singer Carly Paoli says she finds magic in performing in cathedrals.

The star soprano has sung for Prince Charles at Windsor Castle and Pope Francis for his Jubilee Year with Elaine Paige.

The Pope described her as having "the voice of an angel."

Now she's preparing to head out on tour in February at cathedrals across our region including Winchester, Rochester and Guildford as she joins Aled Jones. Carly also has an album out and she's started writing her own lyrics.

The soprano told ITV News Meridian that the acoustics were a "real gift" for classical singers.

"There is something very special about performing at cathedrals , it's where live music really started, it was to celebrate people's faith and a way to be able to commune and come together."

She has recently been announced as the new 'Countryside Ambassador' for CPRE Wiltshire.  

The Wiltshire-based singer will work with the charity to help spread the word on the importance of protecting our countryside and environment. 

She said her new album as a "labour of love" through lockdown.She hoped audiences would take heart from her medley with Elaine Page, which was a "celebration of rainbows": "A lovely message of hope after the time we've all been through."