Protesters call for meeting with Prince Charles over housing development

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Residents in Faversham are calling for a meeting with Prince Charles over a proposed housing development on 300 acres of farmland owned by his estate - the Duchy of Cornwall.

The proposals for the land on the outskirts of the market town are still in development, with no formal planning application yet submitted.

The initial plans include 2,500 homes, which would see the size of Faversham increase by around a fifth.

The proposal on the outskirts of Faversham includes 2,500 homes Credit: The Duchy of Cornwall

One campaign group, who formed in response to the plans and others like it, are planning a march through the town centre on Saturday (22nd January) morning.

Carol Goatham, form campaign group Farms, fields & Fresh Air, said: "We don't feel that we should be building on prime agricultural land.

"I'm not sure that he knows (Prince Charles) exactly what's going on here, and we would love to actually speak to him in person.

"I feel that, as somebody who's got really good eco credentials, he would be appalled if he knew how much land Kent is losing."

Carol Goatham, campaigner from Farms, Fields & Fresh Air

Faversham resident, Andy Mullard, said: "Building on farmland, that never comes back, is made all the worse by the landowner being Prince Charles.

"He's been saying for quite a while that we need food security, we need to protect our farms and help our farmers.

"That seems to be at odds with somebody wanting to concrete over farmland."

Andy Mullard, Faversham resident

Councillors are currently considering whether the Duchy development should form part of their next local plan. 

Councillor Mike Baldock, Deputy Leader of Swale Borough Council, said: "We are facing an imposed target from the government, which we consider to be excessive, which we think we have major problems delivering.

"It's not just Swale, the whole of Kent is being imposed with these new housing targets."

The development would be built on 300 acres of farmland

A Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities spokesperson said: “Councils, not central government, set their own housing targets in their local plan.

“Our guidance should be considered alongside local constraints, including the need for infrastructure to support new development, and consideration for the environment.”

A statement, on behalf of the Duchy of Cornwall, said: "Swale Borough Council identified the Duchy of Cornwall's land at South East Faversham as the most appropriate location for new homes and services for local people.

"South East Faversham will provide around 2,500 homes of all types, with a similar number of jobs in a highly sustainable community."