Rescuers save dog from drowning using a sausage attached to a drone

  • Video report from ITV News Meridian's Will Walters

A Jack Russell from Hampshire is recovering at home after becoming stranded on mudflats in Havant for five days.

Millie managed to slip her lead while out on a walk last Thursday with her owner's Mum, Penny Oakes.

Penny said: "She's a very nervous dog. We were walking down the road nearby a bus stop and panicked when we went past it. She maneuvered herself until she got out of her collar and just ran off."

Millie's owner, Emma, turned to the The Denmead Drone Search And Rescue to help bring the Romanian rescue home. 

The team of 17 volunteers are the eyes in the skies for lost pets across Hampshire and West Sussex.

Colette Collison, First Responder, Denmead Drone Search and Rescue said: "We just do it because we've got dogs ourselves and it's just nice to know that if you lose your dog, that you've got someone that you can call on."

After days of searching, the team spotted Millie wandering across the mudflats at Emsworth. There were fears for the safety of the Jack-Russell-Whippet, who was in danger of drowning as the tide came in. 

Sara Caine, First Responder, Denmead Drone Search and Rescue:

Sara Caine, First Responder, Denmead Drone Search and Rescue said: "We had information from the local coastguard to say that actually, where she was, whilst it wasn't submerged, if she stayed there for much longer, then that area would go under water and Milly would unfortunately...the outcome wasn't going to be great for her."

"Our drone pilot suggested a bit of string and a sausage and that's what we did! We had two drones and each with a sausage attached. We were able to sight Millie and she did have a little nibble of the sausage."

"In fact, our biggest concern was that she was going to bring the drone down into the water but we then got Millie to higher ground."

Millie managed to slip her lead while out on a walk with her owner's Mum, Penny Oakes Credit: ITV Meridian

The local police and fire services were then called, as Millie roamed along the A27 before finally her canine friend Jasper helped to bring her home. 

Penny said: "It's lovely to have her back home. She sleeps with me at night and I missed her when she was gone. It's great to have her home."

Millie has now been prescribed some rest and relaxation by the vet, and of course plenty of cuddles.