Urgent need for more carers to help those in need 'live their best life'

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A woman from Reading who relies on the help of carers every day, is urging more people to come forward and take up the profession to help cover what's described as 'alarming' shortages across the Thames Valley.

Angela Wright has two neurological conditions which makes it hard to function.

She's takes regular medication, and receives help from personal care assistants throughout the week to enable her to live as normal life as possible.

Reading Borough Council supports up to 2,000 adults with social care needs in any given year. The authority says a combination of Brexit and Covid-19 has contributed to a shortfall in carers.

It's now launched a campaign to attract more workers to the sector. 

Angela said, "I have good days where I can move about and chat, but even on a good day I do need help.

"Getting dressed and getting my socks on for example. I find things quite tiring.

"My personal care assistants can help with anything from helping me to cook, to helping in the garden and anything else to run your home.

"I live completely independently in my own home because of them. Without the service I'd probably be in a care home.

"I can do what I want when I want, and live a normal life with some support behind the scenes."

Angela Wright

Reading Borough Council says it urgently needs more carers and is urging people to find out more about working in the care sector, either working directly with residents who need support as a Personal Care Assistant or employed by a care agency.

Those who receive care include older people, people with physical disabilities or learning disabilities and people with mental health that impacts their daily lives.

Cllr John Ennis, Reading's Lead Councillor for Adult Social Care, said: "When you care every day, you make a difference.

"Now more than ever, you could really support people in your local community. Caring is an incredibly rewarding career with opportunities for training and career progression.

"Reading urgently needs more carers. If you are kind, reliable and patient there will be a role for you - supporting adults of all ages. Could you help someone life their best life?"